david“Isaac is an honest guy who knows how to act. He and I have acted opposite each other as everything from gay lovers, all the way to murderous enemies. I truly respect his passion. He really believes in what he is doing on set and that shows through his acting. A man of great talent, a good sense of humour and drive for the game. I look forward to acting with him in the future.”

David Cameron

andy“I have enjoyed working with Isaac in a number of different ways. I know him to be a very earnest and hard-working student. I also enjoyed working with him as director. He is very committed, a keen listener, talented, and takes direction very well. He has a very promising future in front of him!”- Andy Thompson


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Isaac on stage and was very impressed with his level of performance and commitment to the craft. His dedication, not only on stage, but to the well being of the entire touring theatre company was very much appreciated. “

Parm Soor


“Isaac is a force of positive energy and creativity on others. I had the pleasure of teaching him in an on-camera acting class where his work was exceptional. His instincts are always on the money. Wise well beyond his years. I look forward to seeing where his career takes him because his talent is undeniable.”

Graham Shiels

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